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Dear Florida Mesa families,

Professional Learning Community:  Florida Mesa continues to implement the Professional Learning Communities model in order to grow in our educational practices.  Teachers use a common formative assessment to see where students are in their learning towards grade level standards.  During our professional learning community time on Mondays, we gather to view student work and analyze data which is used by the teachers to plan their lessons.  We continue to strive for improved student engagement and ownership at Florida Mesa.  Teachers are:

  •      Working to build stamina in students’ writing, reading, thinking, and problem solving.
  •      Developing intentional lesson plans based on student strengths and needs.
  •      Providing more frequent and specific feedback to students surrounding critical thinking and ways to justify their reasoning.
  •      Celebrating student gains as each student works toward his/her goals.

Parking Lot Reminders:  Here are a few Florida Mesa reminders and tips that will keep everyone safe and calm during drop-off and pick-up:

  •      Enter the lot at the far southern edge of our campus, which will take you around our large field.
  •      Stay to the right if you are going to use the drop-off and pick-up lane. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR in this lane.  Be patient and wait your turn.  Keep this lane flowing…pull up as far as you can.  Quickly kiss your child and allow him/her to exit/enter your car.  Then, pull forward or safely move to the left so that you can exit the parking lot at the stop sign.
  •      Upon entering the parking lot, stay to the left if you want to park to get out of your car to come inside. Use the cross walk in the parking lot to safely cross the pick-up and drop-off lane.
  •      Overall, please be patient and courteous of other families in the parking lot. It is important to model safe and responsible behavior to our children. 
  •      PLEASE remain parked until your child is safely buckled into their seat belts. Our staff has noticed that there are some students and parents who are not using seat belts.  Buckle up, it’s the law!
  •      Reach out to the office staff if you have any questions about how the drop-off and pick-up routine works in our school parking lot.

Thank you for your dedication to our very special school!  We love working with your children, and seeing them grow as individuals is an absolute delight.  As your questions arise, please contact us!


Vanessa Fisher, Principal

Shannon Morris, Assistant Principal