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Dear Parents,

We are hopeful that we will get to see most of you tomorrow on the soccer field.  All parents, students, and staff are required to wear a mask which covers your mouth and nose on school property.  Here is what you can expect:


  • Provide pending documentation, immunization records, or register your child with our Administrative Assistants. 
  • Information will be available regarding transportation, food services, and a Spanish translator will be available.  
  • Unfortunately, we are not scheduled to have Kids Camp available at Florida Mesa at this time.  Our district coordinator continues to work towards acquiring qualified staffing, however at this time, those positions have not filled. 
  • For our online and blended learners, you can pick up your Chromebook and charger, and sign the technology agreement with Mr. Roderick in the small parking lot near the entrance to the soccer field. 

9am-11am-Meet the Teacher

  • Classroom, online, blended and specials teachers, as well as special education, and our ELL will all be available.  
  • Please bring your child’s school supplies (CLEARLY LABELLED) to the soccer field.  Their materials will be delivered to their classroom.  
  • You will be able to pick up the following from your child’s teacher: student mask (gaiters may be available at a later date), map for morning drop off, afternoon drop off placards (2 per family), technology agreement to sign and return on the spot, and class specific information

Although there has been much thought put into our drop off and pick up routines, it will still require patience and grace as we embrace the changes.  It will be SLOW at first, but we are confident that in time, things will speed up.  At the main “kiss n go” lane, students should not exit their vehicle until they are at the front of the line.  Please note that kindergartners will exit their vehicle at the small parking lot adjacent to the soccer field entrance.  Siblings of kindergartners should then stay in their vehicle and exit at the front of the line.   For safety,  we CANNOT have any 4th/5th grade drop offs in the bus lane until 7:30am, after the buses have departed.  Please do not arrive before 7:30am for this drop off lane, as there is not a safe place to “stage” off of Highway 172.  For more information on the morning drop off routines, please take time to review the details on this map.  

At the end of the day, everyone will use the main pick up lane and the vehicle placard.  Place the placard in your windshield and a staff member will radio for your student(s).  If you do not pick up your placards at the Open House/Meet the Teacher event, they will be sent home on the first day of school.  If you find yourself without your placard, a staff member will come to your vehicle to ask your child’s name.  Please try to have your placards in order to expedite the process.  If you lose your placard or it is destroyed, please reach out to the office for another one, or you can create your own with DARK print that can be easily read through the windshield. 

It is extremely important that you self-certify for your child(ren) each morning, prior to dropping them off at school or putting them on the bus.   If a student has not self-certified, they will be screened prior to being allowed into the school.  This process can also be expedited if students do this at home.  The district will be communicating the directions and links to the new self-certification system, so please watch for that prior to Monday morning.  

Should your child exhibit ANY one of the COVID symptoms, you will receive a call to pick up your child immediately from the Isolation Room (Mustang Corral).  Please note that you will park in the teacher’s parking lot (north lot near bus lane) and knock on the exterior entrance to the Isolation Room to retrieve your child, no need to check in at the school office.  Please speak with your employer so they are aware that this may happen at any time and that you WILL need to be available to pick up your child.  You will be given specific instructions to have your child quarantine for 10 days or to visit your doctor to obtain a release back to school.  

This is the first time that all of us have experienced a COVID-sensitive school setting, and we are all learning.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we problem solve and adjust as dilemmas, issues, and concerns arise.   As with anything new, it may take time to adjust to new protocols, schedules, and learning environments, but we are all in this together.  Please reach out if you need to chat, we are happy to discuss how things are going. 

Can’t wait to see everyone!


Shannon Morris, Principal

Tony Roderick, Assistant Principal