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Dear Florida Mesa Families,

CROSS GUARD SAFETY: The role of a school crossing guard is to cross the children in the school crossing only. When a crossing guard enters the cross walk in the road, all drivers must stop. This includes drivers who are turning right or left onto Highway 172 from our school parking lot. Stopping traffic to help cars, turn goes against state laws and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Devices rules and regulations. Please exit our parking lot cautiously to maintain student and crossing guard safety and to avoid a traffic citation.

PARENT DROP-OFF and PICK-UP ROUTINE: Please follow these guidelines for a safe parent drop-off and pick-up.  Overall, please be PATIENT!  The line takes time and we appreciate you maintaining a respectful and attentive demeanor.  Please, no cell phone usage while driving in our parking lot.  Let’s model focused driving techniques to our children. 

Need to chat with a teacher?  If you would like to get out of your car, please find a legal parking spot.  Please do not park your car where it could be blocking traffic.  Please ALWAYS use the crosswalk to safely cross from the parking lot to the sidewalk and vice versa.

Just staying in your car?  Please follow the flow of traffic toward the front of the school.  We will use the fence along the east side of the parking lot to allow for both drop-off and pick-up.  In the mornings, students proceed to the cafeteria, to recess, or directly to class. In the afternoons, students will be organized by grade level and will wait with a staff member.  We will be having older siblings stand with younger siblings so the group can be picked up together. Your child(ren) will quickly get into your car and you will proceed out of the parking lot.  Please be cautious when pulling around cars that are still in line. 

Running late at the end of the day?  At 3:00 p.m. we will escort your child into the office to call you.  After that time, you will need to park your car and come into the school.  We are noticing high amounts of congestion during parent pick-up. Please budget extra time in your schedule so that you can wait patiently. You are welcome to have your child ride the bus.

Have a kindergarten student?  Please park your car and pick-up your student at the flagpole to ensure release of your child from the kindergarten teachers.  Please ALWAYS use the crosswalk to safely cross from the parking lot to the sidewalk and vice versa.

As an alternative, please consider allowing your child to ride the bus.  Our transportation department can be reached at 970-247-5335.

BUS PASSES: Returning students should receive a new bus pass on the first day of school and will begin using it immediately.  New students will receive their bus passes in early September.  The drivers will not expect all students to have their passes until that time.

UPDATE INFORMATION IN INFINITE CAMPUS: If you have a returning Mustang scholar, please login to the parent portal to update any demographic and /or contact information.  You can access the portal on the school and district website.  It is essential to keep your contact information updated so that we may contact you. 

FIRST DAY: You are welcome to walk your child(ren) to class the first day of school at 7:40 a.m. or they can follow the typical routine of riding the bus, eating breakfast, or playing outside prior to 7:40 a.m.  Kindergarten students will meet on the blacktop near the green shed. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at the school office.  We are delighted to serve you and your children.


Shannon Morris, Principal

Tony Roderick, Assistant Principal