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In her nomination she wrote, "In October several Kids' Camp staff had illnesses and or emergencies and we had a large number of absences. I was unable to find enough subs to cover all of the absences (I was one of the subs) and was facing the possibility of having to close Kids' Camp at Florida Mesa for the day because it is against state law to have only one staff member when there are more than nine children. This would have negatively affected the 30 families who had their children enrolled after school that day.  

Natasha and Korrine work full time as paraprofessionals at Florida Mesa, and even knowing they would be tired after their full work day they stepped up and volunteered to stay to help when they were done with their school day.  Because of them, those 30 families did not have to disrupt their work schedules.

Thank you Natasha and Korinne for putting forth that something extra to help out your Florida Mesa families.  You are very much appreciated!!"
Great job, Natasha and Korinne!