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Dear Florida Mesa Families,

 As the school year approaches, here are some ways families can support a healthy transition back to school:
  •     Read every day with your child. This time together allows you to share the love of reading as well as build on your child’s reading skills.  Take turns reading or simply model fluent reading.  Discuss the content of the book and enjoy this time together.
  •      Allow your child to make the shopping list and read you the list while you shop together. This is a practical way to get your child re-engaged in writing and reading.
  •      Let your child be the expert! Have your child teach you a new way to solve a math problem or use a computer device.  Children love being the teacher, and when they can do this, their level of understanding is far more complete.
  •      Encourage questions! Kids have a million questions about the world.  Foster those thoughts and model ways of exploring their questions without just providing an answer.
  •      Slowly transition your child’s bed time and wake-up time back to where it should be at the start of the year. Sleep is essential for healthy learning and research shows that elementary aged children should sleep 10-11 hours per night.

Class assignments will be complete by Monday, August 14, 2017.  Please feel free to call or visit our office staff to find out the name of your child’s teacher.  In order to protect the safety our students, we will not post class lists nor will we share the names of other students in classes.  

Please mark your calendars for these important upcoming events:

MEET YOUR TEACHER: at all elementary schools on Friday, August 18th from 8-9 am. This is an opportunity for you and your child to check out your new classroom, meet your teacher and drop off school supplies.

ELEMENTARY FALL CHECK-IN: Friday, August 18th from 8-10 am.  Families can finish any registration paperwork, sign up for bus services and nutrition services.

FIRST DAY: Monday, August 21st from 7:40 am-2:50 pm.  We proudly welcome back our Mighty Mustang Scholars for a fabulous school year.  Students and staff will have the opportunity to view the All-American Eclipse.  Our PTO has provided eclipse glasses which are ISO certified.  Please contact the office if you DO NOT want your child to participate in the viewing.

OPEN HOUSE & ICE CREAM SOCIAL: Thursday, September 14th from 5-6 pm.  Families will tour the school and students will show off their classrooms.  Afterward, please join us in the cafeteria for an ice cream social sponsored by the incredible Florida Mesa Parent Teacher Organization.

Thank you for the positive role that you play in supporting your child’s academic, social, and emotional growth.  We look forward to seeing your children each day and we look forward to seeing you often throughout the school year.


Vanessa Fisher

Shannon Morris