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Please Create A Marquee

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”-Vincent Van Gogh! And, boy did we have A LOT of small things!

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE self-certify your students each morning.  We know that there have been technology issues, but please don’t give up.  They have been making adjustments all week long to make this system more reliable.  Self-certifying will greatly help us get students into class and eating breakfast quickly, so that we can maximize our instructional time. 
  • Have students ready with all of their belongings as you approach the front of the line for drop off.
  • Parents must remain in their vehicle and use the drop off/pick up lanes.  In order to maintain the safest situation for students, staff and parents, we cannot have parents parking and walking their students up the sidewalk.  There are some situations where this is not possible, and those have been approved through administration. 
  • Place your placard in your windshield where it can be easily read.  You can also add your child’s first name in BLACK marker. 

Our teachers have also been working on creating new ways of learning, and adjusting their learning environments to meet the safety and health protocols.  Your students have been amazing in keeping their masks on and in washing their hands multiple times per day.  Thank you for supporting these efforts….it helps us so much!  We are proud to say that while we have had some students with a symptom here or there, they have all been cleared and we continue to have healthy and safe classrooms!  We appreciate everyone working together to keep your child home if they have a symptom or picking them up quickly and getting them to the doctor to have their symptom checked out!  Remember….it’s the small things that bring about great things.  We are feeling GREAT about our partnership with each of you during these unprecedented times.  

We hope you all enjoy a fantastic weekend!  It sounds like we might get a little weather next week, so get out and enjoy the sunshine!  As always, if you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat...feel free to reach out. See you all on Tuesday!!


Shannon Morris, Principal

Tony Roderick, Assistant Principal